Author Interview: Susan Old

Today’s interview is with Susan Old, author of novel Rare Blood, the first book in the Miranda Chronicles!

About Your Novel: 

What’s the title of your manuscript / novel?

Rare Blood (first book of the Miranda Chronicles)

What genre is your novel?

Caffeinated vampire romp, paranormal romance, horror, etc.

Give us a quick synopsis and tell us what your book is all about!

Miranda Ortega moves to L.A. from a small farming town to pursue a writing career unaware that her move was made possible by Haute Caste vampires that have tracked her all her life due to her very Rare Blood type (HH) and her lineage that goes back to a Templar knight. She deals with the seductive, wealthy, egotistical nocturnal maniacs by drinking lots of coffee, and unfailing humor. “No one gets sucked to death on date night, nice!”  Initially Baron Tristan Mordecai wants her to write a book that depicts how truly handsome and brilliant vampires are, not like the loathsome creature Dracula. Miranda can’t shake the feeling they want much more from her, their favorite ‘Short’. That is the nick name they give mortals because they are short-lived. She struggles with feeling attracted to, repulsed by, and full throttle pissed off at the baron. When she looses her lunch the first time she witnesses a vampire attack, he states, “You’ll have to work on that.” The international vampire world is extremely curious about Miranda. What is it  about her blood and lineage makes them so intrusive? Only people with HH blood are allowed to become Haute Caste vampires. Other blood types are Common Caste undead, and resent the more powerful vampires. Miranda is being pressured to join the Haute Caste. Will she have to get rid of her Che Guevara t-shirt?

What inspired you to write this book?

I was an addiction therapist, I could not write about my work but Vampires were a great outlet for my stress. The Baron Tristan Mordecai was Inspired by one of my clients. Through cancer, lupus, becoming a young widow etc. writing this story helped my brain. 

Quick — pitch your novel in ONE sentence! 

An amazing, seductive, strikingly handsome person walks into your life and wants your help, do you run away when you find out that they’re a vampire?

About Your Process:

Are you a plotter, pantser, or somewhere in between?

I know who makes it to the end, then I figure out how.

Where and when do you do most of your writing?

Whenever I can get the cats and dogs settled, and coffee made. 

When did you first realize, “I want to be a writer”? 

When I read Lord of the Rings in High School

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Tell us about it!

Whe- I was in the Peace Corps in the Congo, I wrote about “Lumiel’, a female super-being who would bring peace to the warring factions in her world.

Are there any novels or authors who inspire you?

Neil Gaiman, Charles Dickens and LK Hamilton

Just For Fun:

What is your favorite book / who is your favorite author?

The Little Prince by St. Exupery

If your novel were to be adapted for film or TV, who is your dream cast? 

MC, Miranda Ortega, would be played by Aimee Garcia (TV-Lucifer) Baron Tristan Mordecai would be played by Cilian Murphy (TV-Peaky Blinders)

You have one day to spend in any fiction world of your choosing; which world is it and why?

I would want to be one of the Elves living in the forest in Lord of the Rings, because in real life I closely resemble a hobbit.

If you could give your younger self any piece of advice, what would you tell them?

Unplug your computer during an electrical storm so your first book does not get fried by lightning.

Where can your readers interact with you?  

Twitter: @zairesue


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